Piksely is a passionate group of individuals that share a collective mix of skills, experience and ideas. Our goal is to reach out and examine the universe of people and translate it into the universe of visual and written communications.

Piksely, formely known as TheArc Labs began as an idea which focused on visual design. After the success of Polycon, TheArc Labs expanded into a design and development label. Not long after the changes that were announced, we decided it was time to rebrand and move on to more prosperous projects.

Team members

Here at Piksely, each and every member of our team has something special to offer, whether it be graphic design, software development, project management or the ability to calculate the circumference of the sun with nothing but a toothpick. We're all interested in making something out of ourselves and that is why we choose to be a part of Piksely.

As of yet, our team is very small. We're always looking for talented and skilled individuals that could potentially help pave a path for Pikselys future. If you believe you have what it takes to become a part of our team, then express your interest by emailing us at: recruitment@piksely.com

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